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Special Education

Special Education

Sequoia's Special Education provides a variety of program options and designated instruction / services (DIS) for students with IEPs.

The last day for the TRACE Fall semester cohort is Tuesday, December 15th and Wednesday, December 16th.
TRACE cohorts will resume on Tuesday, January 19th and Wednesday, January 20th after Winter Break.
Los últimos días para las TRACE cohortes de este año son el martes 15 de diciembre y el miércoles 16 de diciembre.

Las cohortes de TRACE se reanudarán el martes 19 de enero y el miércoles 20 de enero después de las vacaciones de invierno.
The last day for the Satellite Fall semester cohort is Thursday, December 17th.
Satellite cohort will resume on Thursday, January 21st after Winter Break.
Los últimos día para las Satellite cohort de este año son el jueves 17 de diciembre.

Las cohort de Satellite se reanudarán el jueves 21 de enero..
Special Education Staff Directory

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Special Education Staff Directory

Phone: (650)369-1411, Fax: (650)306-1769

 Last Name,
First Name
 Title  Phone  Email
Aragon, Adrianna WorkAbility Job Coach x22579
Bell, Jim APE Specialist x22205
Bennett, Edith Psychologist x22207
Chandler, Clare SPED Coordinator  x22401
Charles, Tara Program Specialist x22377
Correa, Hannah Administrative Secretary x22242
Crenshaw-Preising, Carla SPED Coordinator
Glatzel, Katie WorkAbility Placement Specialist x22362
Hedlund, Justine Board Certified Behavior Analyst x22204
Hughes, Kim Teacher for the Home Bound x22588
Lynch, Linda Kelly Teacher of the Orthopedically Impaired x22667
Mitchner, Jacquie Teacher of the Visually Impaired x22204
Makasini, Lani Office Assistant  x22206
Orozco, Kai Vocational Transition Specialist x22589
Oytas, Gail Vocational Transition Specialist x22373
Reed, Lisa Program Specialist
Roberts, Jennifer Program Specialist x22375
Sumbul, Tijen Program Specialist
Van Laar, Ilja Executive Director of SPED x22538
Watkins, Jeffrey Vocational Transition Specialist x22541