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Cañada Middle College

What is Middle College?

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What is Middle College?

Middle College is a successful partnership program between the SUHSD and the San Mateo County Community College District that allows juniors and seniors to complete high school graduation requirements on the beautiful Cañada College campus. Students take high school English and social studies classes with SUHSD teachers while also taking community college classes that count both towards high school graduation and transfer to a 4-year university, all in a supportive, small-school environment.

Students in the Middle College program benefit from close interactions with their teachers, a mature learning environment, and built-in support that helps them make the transition from high school to college. They learn the self-management skills that lead to success at the college level. They also research college and career options and develop specific post-secondary plans for which the Middle College instructors help them prepare.

All Middle College students have access to college services such as trained tutors and study groups, a comprehensive health center, on-campus lectures and events, clubs, and a plethora of open computer labs. Additionally, students may continue to participate in high school sports and extracurricular activities at their home high school, as long as they remain in good academic standing.

The transition to college is difficult for many students, but a Middle College education allows students to leave high school with a unique skill set:
  • the knowledge of how to thrive in a college environment and access college resources
  • a clear understanding of what college professors expect in class (both in terms of behavior and work ethic)
  • an understanding of how to choose classes that lead to transfer/degrees/certificates
  • an understanding of how college units will transfer 
For more information, please visit our official site at
Please contact us if you have any questions: 650.306.3120 or email:
Application Procedures

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Application Procedures

The application for the 2022-23 school year is now open! For current sophomores and juniors, please refer to our website at Cañada College for information regarding the application process. 

Middle College Photos

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Middle College Graduates

MC Graduation 2018-19

Signing Day 2018-19

Middle College students in class

Middle College Seniors

Middle College students in class

Contact Us

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Contact Us

Middle College main phone line: 650.306.3120    Fax: 650.306.3128
Click the name to send an email message:

Buchanan, Jen, English III & CCR II Teacher/Advisor
Holt, Marin, Econ/Gov & CCR I Teacher/Advisor
Manuel, Julie, US History & CCRII Teacher/Advisor
Petroelje, Jen, English IV & CCR I Teacher/Advisor
Haro, Yesenia, Staff Assistant