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Horses offer youth an unparalleled experience that is both physical and social. Horses are completely in touch with, and aware of, the present moment, and they powerfully invite people to do the same. They are non-judgmental; they do not see status, gender, race or ability; rather they act in response to the environment and energy.

The program provides both physical activity and promotes personal challenges. Our students rotate through three components where they work on art projects, grooming fundamentals and riding experiences that include:


● Riders learn balance, coordination and self-assurance
● Riders improve poise posture, strength and flexibility
● A strong sense of responsibility develops as the rider learns to take part in the care of the horses and equipment
● Teamwork and cooperation are learned as the rider becomes more independent on horseback
● Confidence and self-esteem improve, and a sense of accomplishment is felt as new levels of expertise and new goals are met.
Located in Portola Valley, our partner, Webb Ranch, provides a warm, friendly, safe and fun family environment, as well as many gentle and kind horses. Webb Ranch has been owned by the Webb Family since 1922, with the 5th generation currently living on the ranch and involved in the daily operations.

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