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Certificated Evaluation Forms

Certificated_Evaluation_Forms iconCertificated Evaluation Formstitle

Guide to Using These Forms

The Contract & The Standards                                              Self-Assessment and Non-Classroom Evaluation Forms
The Basics   Counselor Evaluation / Process
Pre-Evaluation Conference Form  

Evaluation Process

Observation Planning Form (optional)  

Rubrics for Evaluation
Post-Observation Feedback Form  

Counselor Pre-Evaluation Form

Counselor Eval Observation Planning Form
Probationary & Temporary  

1. Final --> Part I      
2. Final --> Part II   Evaluation Waivers / Skipped Evaluations

  1. Skipped Evaluation Memo
  2. Observation Waivers
1. Final --> Part I
2. Final --> Part II 

Certificated Manager Evaluation
      1. Evaluation Template