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Care Solace

1 (855) 515-0595 
Care Solace is a mental health and substance use treatment coordination agency that helps link students, families and school staff to treatment providers. The County Office of Education has partnered with the Peninsula Health Care District and the Sequoia Health Care District to provide Care Solace services free of charge to all public and charter schools in San Mateo County. School staff can help students and their families connect to Care Solace via a “warm-handoff” over the phone, video chat, or via email. Students, families, and school staff can also access Care Solace anonymously using the Care Solace website or by calling 1-855-515-0595. Care Solace provides:  
o 24/7/365 support: Services are available during normal business hours as well as nights, weekends, holidays, and breaks San Mateo County Suicide Prevention Protocol, 2021-2022 22  
o Fast connection to care: Users receive a call back within the hour 
o  Anonymous path to care – Users can call 1 (855) 515-0595 directly to remain anonymous 
o Culturally and gender appropriate care: Users are matched to specific needs, including LGBT, sexual violence and trauma, and faith-based support
o 200+ languages: Care Solace provides multilingual live translators on demand  
o Care regardless of insurance plan: Care Solace provides support to those with private insurance plans, coverage by Kaiser Permanente and other health providers, Medi-Cal, on a sliding scale, and even no coverage.  
o Support for all: Care Solace provides help for the entire school community including students, staff, and family members. Access through Care Solace website or by calling 1-855-515-0595.

Star Vista

1 (650) 579-0350
Star Vista’s Youth Stabilization, Opportunity & Support (S.O.S.) Team is 24-hour service designed to respond over the phone or in-person to San Mateo County youth (ages 0 to 25) who may be in a mental health crisis (suicidal ideation, self-harming behaviors, acute mental health, etc.). It provides priority access to current and former youth in foster care. The team is comprised of clinicians and family partners who support the identified student and their family in determining next steps to secure safety. The team will be able to provide on-site crisis intervention and assessment, short term case management, and clinical services, as well as resource sharing to connect clients to long-term care. They will also build community awareness and provide education about behavioral health crisis, suicide prevention, and response services. The S.O.S. Team can be accessed by the public and school sites through the Crisis Center hotline at (650) 579-0350.

Kara Grief

1 (650) 321-5272
Kara’s mission is to provide grief support for children, teens, families and adults. Our guiding values are empathy and compassion. Every day we provide caring support to children and adults affected by loss and grief. Our vision is to see people of all ages compassionately supported on their journey through grief so they can move toward renewed hope and meaning. We serve individuals who are grieving a death as well as those managing a terminal illness (their own or another's).