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The Sequoia Union High School District (“District”) is committed to the education of all students. The District believes that regular attendance plays an important role in student achievement and that absenteeism, whatever the cause, may put students at risk of dropping out of school. The District desires to ensure that all students attend school in accordance with the state's compulsory education law and take full advantage of educational opportunities provided by the district. It is the intent of the District that intensive guidance and coordinated community services are provided to meet the special needs of pupils with school attendance and/or school behavior problems. 
Attendance & Engagement Plan

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Attendance & Engagement Plan

As part of the 2020-2021 LCAP (Learning Continuity and Attendance Plan), all school districts are required to:
  1. Take student attendance and monitor student engagement/participation
  2. Complete Weekly Engagement Records
  3. Establish tiered reengagement strategies for interventions of students absent >60%/week
SUHSD has created an Attendance & Engagement Plan that outlines the above requirements, as well as provides teachers with detailed information on attendance-taking procedures. 
Attendance Handbook

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