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Personalized Assistance and Confidential Coaching (PACC)

Personalized Assistance & Confidential Coaching (PACC) is personalized professional development offered jointly by the Sequoia Union High School District and Sequoia District Teachers Association. PACC is designed for any and all certificated employees who aren’t currently enrolled in TIPS.
The support and professional development that PACC offers includes:
  • Navigating the evaluation process
  • Incorporating student engagement into lessons
  • Refining curriculum and assessments
  • Improving organization and time management
  • Acclimating to school and district culture
  • Managing interactions with families
  • Having a sounding board/thought partner
  • Sharing work-life balance strategies and resources for mental health support


Jonathan Hoffman
Jonathan has been teaching English for 21 years and has been at Sequoia for 16 years. He is in his fourth year as a PAR coach, is an SDTA rep, and served eight years as English department chair.
Danny Bliss
Danny has been teaching social studies at Sequoia for 16 years, and has served as department chair since 2019. He also brings 11 years of experience mentoring student teachers to the PAR role.
Laura Nunez
Laura has been a math teacher at East Palo Alto Academy for 13 years. In that time, she has served as the Athletic Director for 9 years, SDTA site representative for four years and is in her second year as Math Department Chair. 
Teacher testimonials

Teacher testimonials

“From specific suggestions to how to manage class behavior based on observing multiple of my classes to sharing curriculum and help with backwards planning, the PAR program has been invaluable help for me in supporting the transition to a new school site and to my overall growth as an educator.”

“Feeling supported as a new-to-the-district employee was really helpful because it allowed me to acclimate to the school culture in a non-evaluative way, meaning I didn't feel pressured as much as encouraged and supported.”

“Working with PAR has breathed new life into my career at 20 years in. I knew I was a ‘pretty good’ teacher and I could coast, but working with PAR helped me get excited again about making my class fun, accessible, and engaging (with less grading!).”

“Working with PAR is accelerating my growth and that makes me feel optimistic about my future in this district and as a teacher in a way that no other professional development opportunity has ever come close to.”