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Mandated Reporting

All employees are required by law to report incidents of suspected child abuse. Any employee who has reasonable suspicion of child abuse must report this using the form provided below.

Please note that an "investigation" is not required; in fact, school employees should not conduct investigations of child abuse. Please report reasonable suspicion using the form below.
Suspected Child Abuse Reporting FormPlease use this form when reporting suspected child abuse. Please also know that site and district administrators are available for consultation.
1. Call the San Mateo County Children and Family Services Agency Hotline:                                                                             
(650) 802-7922 or (800) 632-4615         
If a child is in immediate danger, please call 911
2. Fax the completed form to local Child Protective Services:
(650) 592-2289
3. Mail the completed form (retain a copy) to local Child Protective Services:
San Mateo County - Child Protective Services
1 Davis Drive
Belmont, CA 94002
County of San Mateo Human Services - More information can be found here.
General Information for Employees  -  Information provided by Davis & Young. Special thanks to: Mark E. Davis, Esq. Eric J. Bengtson, Esq. Adam J. Davis, Esq.
Mandated Reporter Training - Annual requirement for all SUHSD employees.  Online training through VectorSolutions must be completed within 6 weeks from the start of the new school year or start of employment, whichever is later.  Use the latest version of Google Chrome or Firefox on a laptop or computer to ensure courses properly load.
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For additional assistance, please contact the VectorSolutions support team at
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