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How Do I Enroll in SUHSD Benefits?
  • You have 30 days as a new hire to enroll in benefits
  • If you choose not to enroll, you must decline coverage by completing the Cafeteria, CalPERS, Delta and Dependent Verification forms

Who is Eligible?
  • Employee, spouse, domestic partner, natural born child(ren), stepchild(ren), adopted child(ren)

Can I Change My Mind?
  • Only if you have a Qualified Life Status Change (contact Sonia Ramirez with questions and to receive more information)
NEW: Discounted child care for SUHSD staff through Happy Campers!
Happy Campers Discounted Child Care

Happy_Campers_Discounted_Child_Care iconHappy Campers Discounted Child Caretitle

Happy Campers offers discounted child care for SUHSD staff.  Please find more information by navigating to their website through this link:
Contact Us For More Information

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