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SUHSD Dashboard

The Sequoia Union High School Dashboard is our district's set of internal indicators that help guide our progress on a more timely basis.  The key indicators are:
●      Enrollment
●      SUHSD 9th Grade GPA Credits
●      SUHSD 10th Grade GPA Credits
●      11th Grade GPA Credits
●      Attendance
●      Suspensions
●      Expulsions
●      A-G Completion
●      AP/IB Participation
●      Graduation
●      ELA & Math SBAC
●      College Completion
For Staff Use Only:
The SUHSD Dashboard contains key indicators for measuring student performance.  The reports breakdown enrollment, attendance, suspension and expulsion, CAASSP performance, 9th and 10th-Grade GPA, A-G completion, and graduation rates.  This link will take you the report website accessible by SUHSD staff only: CLICK HERE.       
Note: You must be logged in to your Sequoia email account to access the above link.