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SUHSD Dashboard

The Sequoia Union High School Dashboard is our district's set of internal indicators that help guide our progress on a more timely basis. The key indicators are:
●      Enrollment
●      Demographics
●      Attendance
●      Suspensions
●      A-G Completion
●      AP/IB Participation
●      Graduation
●      ELA & Math SBAC
●      College Enrollment/Completion
interactive dashboard

interactive dashboard

New in the 2023-24 school year, the SUHSD dashboard is now available in an interactive format. The new format allows you to explore dashboard indicators visually with filters that automatically update the data that you see.
Access the new dashboard: SUHSD Interactive Dashboard 2023-24
For Staff Use Only:
The SUHSD Dashboard contains key indicators for measuring student performance.  The reports breakdown enrollment, attendance, suspension and expulsion, CAASSP performance, 9th and 10th-Grade GPA, A-G completion, and graduation rates.  This link will take you the report website accessible by SUHSD staff only: CLICK HERE.       
Note: You must be logged in to your SUHSD email account to access the above link.