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Migrant Education


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English Language Coordinator  Ext. 22548 
Administrative Secretary  Ext. 22578 
Senior Office Assistant  Ext. 22398
Migrant Education Overview

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The federal Migrant Education Program is designed to support high quality and comprehensive supplemental educational programs for migrant children to help reduce the educational disruption and other problems that result from repeated moves. The SUHSD Migrant Education Program is part of Region 1, which is coordinated by the Santa Clara County Office of Education. Programs and services for Migrant Education students are guided by numerous state and federal requirements.
Migrant Parent Advisory Committee (PAC)

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PAC is a committee of parents of Migrant Education students who meet throughout the school year to discuss issues relevant to their students. In addition, they carry out their committee responsibilities as required by state requirements for PACs. 
  • 2018-19 PAC Meeting Dates - Click here.
  • 2018-19 PAC Members/Officers - Coming soon!

Eligibility iconEligibilitytitle

A student is considered "migrant" if the parent or guardian is a migratory worker in the agricultural, dairy, lumber, or fishing industries and whose family has moved during the past three years. A "qualifying" move can range from moving across school district boundaries or from one state to another for the purpose of finding temporary or seasonal employment. A young adult may also qualify if he or she has moved on his own for the same reasons. The eligibility period is three years from the date of the last move. Eligibility is established through an interview conducted by a Migrant Education recruiter who visits both home and employment locations where migrant workers are employed. The eligibility questionnaire may be found in the link below (completed forms should be forwarded to the English Learner & Special Programs Office at the district office).
Cyber High & PASS

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Cyber High is an online course delivery system operated by the Fresno County Office of Education on behalf of the California Department of Education. Each SUHSD school offers the opportunity for Migrant Education, and other, students to take online courses, including many that meet the U.C. a-g requirements.  Some of the courses are offered in Spanish. Cyber High is part of the nationwide Portable Assisted Study Sequence (PASS) program, which is intended to help Migrant Education students continue to receive credits toward high school graduation, even if they move from district to another or from one state to another. Below are links to Cyber High's web pages and PASS contacts for each state.