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Administrative Services

The Administrative Services division provides leadership and direction of the district's business operations. Some of the key functions of the division include long-range financial planning; collection, disbursement and accounting of all district funds; oversight of construction activity and district properties; management of insurance and liability activity; and support services.
Staff Members

Staff Members


Crystal Leach

Superintendent and Associate Superintendent of Administrative Services

x. 22218

Cecilia Marquez

Sr. Administrative Secretary

x. 22218

Ricardo Alva

Chief Technology Officer

x. 22580

Tony Crapo

Director of Purchasing & Support Services

x. 22346

Sandra Jonaidi

Director of Food Services

x. 22591

Walter Haub

Director of Maintenance & Operations

x. 22241

Christine Gong


x. 22289

Dewrell Wesley

Director of Transportation

x. 22337

Associate Superintendent of Administrative Services, Crystal Leach

Crystal Leach

& Associate Superintendent
Administrative Services