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Technology Standards

Technology standards change regularly.  Below, viewers will find the most recent standards used within the Sequoia Union High School District.  Specifications as of August, 2019.


  Minimum RAM Minimum Storage Processor Video Card / 
Monitor Size
USB Slots Optical Drive Other 
(Expansion Slots, OS)
256gb SSD or
500gb HD
15" Integrated with VGA/HDMI Adapter
MacBook:  13" minimum
USB 3.0 (2 Slots) Optional
Windows 10 (64 bit); OSX; Chrome
 Desktop 16gb  
256gb SSD or
500gb HD
Desktops - All In One; 21" Minimum (Includes 21.5' for iMac)
Integrated HDMI / VGA preferred
USB 3.0
(up to 4 Slots)
Windows 10 (64 bit); OSX;

Chromebooks / Tablets

Minimal Requirements
For student use:
  • Google Chromebook
  • 14" screen or larger
  • 4gb ram
  • 16gb ssd
For student take-home:
  • HP Chromebook 11 G6 EE (non-touch screen)
  • 4gb ram
  • 16gb ssd
ChromeBase (when applicable)
  • 4gb ram
  • 16gb ssd
  • 21" Screen Minimum
  • iPad / Android
    • 2gb Ram
    • 64gb Memory
    • Most recent chipset
    • Expansion:  Micro USB (Android)
    • iOS 10+, Android latest

Document Cameras



Type Manufacturer Model Link / Info
Mobile Carts Anywhere Cart
AC Slim (holds 36 units)
AC Max (holds 36 units - for units 15" and larger)
Classroom "Cabinet" Anywhere Cart AC Mini (holds 12 - 16 units)

Classroom Projection

Epson Model Projector
  • 680 (used when retrofitting existing 680 series SMARTBoard)
  • 675w (used when retrofitting existing widescreen SMARTBoard)
  • 685wi (interactive projector w/pens)
  • 695wi (interactive projector - finger touch or pens)
  • 1480Fi (available October 2019)
  • Powerlite U50 (ceiling mounted)
Flat panel TV's/Projection minimal standards
  • 4k
  • Wifi and SMART TV Enabled

Classroom Audio

Existing Classroom Lightspeed RedCat Access
New Construction LightSpeed TopCat


In-Wall Classroom and Offices Wireless VOIP Safety Cameras
 Cat 6/6A Cat 6A Cat 6A Cat 6/6A


  • Meraki MR53 Wireless Access Points

Campus Safety Cameras

  • Meraki MV22
  • Meraki MV32
  • Meraki MV72