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Crystal Leach Headshot

Crystal Leach

Interim Superintendent

Ms. Crystal Leach is an experienced financial executive who brings experience, talent and skill in business and finance to her role as Interim Superintendent.  Throughout her career, Ms. Leach has demonstrated an ability to communicate complex information in clear, consumable terms, while building strong relationships with colleagues, parents, community members and business partners. Maximizing an organization’s financial resources so that they can accomplish their goals requires building trust, honesty, offering sound advice, and persuading and encouraging action when tough decisions need to be made.  Ms. Leach has built her career by excelling in these areas. 
In addition to her strong communication and interpersonal skills, Ms. Leach is known by peers and colleagues as a visionary and driver of change who has ensured her current and former employers move forward and achieve their strategic goals. 

As a member of the Superintendent’s Executive Cabinet, Ms. Leach worked in depth with colleagues on developing effective academic programs, and leveraging resources to ensure that student needs are met with rich academic programming. Her colleagues laud her creative, out-of-box thinking when considering how to focus on students and support learning even during lean financial times. “I am a life-long learner who comes from a family of educators, so I understand the connection between financial resources and student learning.”   

Ms. Leach has extensive experience managing teams and supervising employees throughout her career,  and among her colleagues Ms. Leach is known for her warmth, rapport, and ability to form strong relationships with stakeholder, and her skills in bringing people together around common goals. 

Ms. Leach is able to recognize emerging trends and challenges, and adjust organizational strategies to minimize disruption to the organization.  She has emerged as a local leader in advocating for legislation to increase school funding, working with State Senator Jerry Hill’s office on a bill to address the funding challenges of local school districts.  Her regional leadership also includes serving on a Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) advisory committee with the San Mateo County Office of Education.

Ms. Leach has both a Bachelor’s in Business Management and a Masters’ in Business Administration.