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Superintendent's Message

Superintendent's Message for September 2022 Header Graphic
• Fantastic Start
Summer School Graduation
• Maasai Society
• Safety Continues
• Heat Advisory
September 2, 2022
Dear SUHSD Families and Community,
It has been a fantastic start to the 2022-23 school year! 
On the first day of school, our Board of Trustees and I visited each school site, and we were humbled to witness our students, staff, and parents ecstatic and full of energy as they returned from the break. As we begin our second year of in-person instruction, we have discovered that students are genuinely excited to be in school. Students feel comfortable reaching out to teachers and staff for support and resources and have taken the initiative to build relationships with fellow students.
Our Board of Trustees, Cabinet team, and I had the honor to witness our eight Summer School students graduate in front of their family and friends during a beautiful graduation ceremony under the sequoia trees at Sequoia High School. Thank you to our Summer School Coordinator Tiffany Burkle, summer school principals, school site leadership, and support staff for having a successful Summer School program.
This year, my leadership is grounded in following the traditional greeting of the Maasai society. The traditional greeting passed between Masai warriors was "Kasserian Ingera," meaning,  "And how are the children?"
Understanding that the children can only be well if the foundation and support structures are also doing well. Focusing on consistency, connecting all district initiatives with the board's goals, and implementing the local control and accountability plan (LCAP) will help create a realistic picture of a Sequoia Union High School District graduate. SUHSD will focus on ensuring "students are well" by providing students with the resources they need to be college and career ready. After extensive input from various stakeholders and in partnership with our Board of Trustees, we focus on students and student achievement as our why.
Safety continues to be a top priority for Sequoia Union High School District. With COVID-19 still spreading in our community, we continue to work closely with the San Mateo County Office of Education and San Mateo County Health to keep our school communities safe and healthy. We have gained valuable experience over the last three years and continue to adapt health guidelines to ensure schools can focus on what they do best. Information about COVID-19 and Monkeypox can be found on the California Department of Public Health's webpage and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's webpage.
As we prepare to enjoy the extended weekend, please be reminded to take precautions to stay cool. The Bay Area will experience extreme heat, and you can view tips on how to stay safe here.
Thank you for your partnership and support. And, remember, in your comings and goings, always ask, "And how are the children?"
In Collaboration,
Dr. Darnise R. Williams
Excellence is our baseline through leadership, service, and equity for all.