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Superintendent's Message

A Message from the Superintendent

A Message from the Superintendent iconA Message from the Superintendenttitle

Superintendnet Streshly
Dear SUHSD Community:
I am in awe of how our staff and community have rallied together to support each other through the PG&E power shut offs, and the monitoring of air quality caused by the fires.

Our students and staff have been personally impacted, and yet, they continue bringing a sense of optimism to our district. We have come together to support families that have lost power at home in order to minimize the stress they are experiencing.

Although these times can feel uncertain, we maintain a commitment to keep schools open. We believe that students are safest in an environment that is supervised, structured, and where they are experiencing valuable instruction. 

Thank you, community, for showing your support and standing together during difficult times. This demonstrates the true spirit of our district and its foundation of building each other up and strengthening the educational experience of our future leaders.


Mary E. Streshly, Ed.D.
Superintendent, Sequoia Union High School District