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District Elections

What District Area do I belong to?

SUHSD residents can visit this map and type in their address to learn which Trustee Area will represent them on the SUHSD Board of Trustees.

Who is my District Area representative?


Trustee Area A: Alan Sarver

Trustee Area B: Carrie Du Bois

Trustee Area C: Georgia Jack and Allen Weiner

Trustee Area D: Chris Thomsen

Trustee Area E: To be elected in November 2020 election

Even Year Election Cycles


In addition to adopting the map with the five new trustee areas, the Board also set the election cycle to even year elections. Current members of the SUHSD Board of Trustees will continue to serve out the remainder of their terms. Under the school district’s new elections system, two trustee areas, A and D will be up for election in November of 2018 – and every four years thereafter – and three trustee areas, B, C, and E will be up for election in 2020 – and every four years thereafter.  


For more information on the elections process, please visit http

Questions? Email Ana Maria Pulido at or call 650-369-1411 x22255