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    Deaf/Hard of Hearing

    The District Deaf/Hard Hearing (D/HH) Program is provided to maximize a student's participation in the general education core curriculum, by providing academic support, auditory training and collaboration with the student's teachers, outside providers, and family.

    Students who qualify for the service have a current audiology evaluation demonstrating their hearing loss, make it difficult to understand spoken language, and adversely affect their access to the auditory curriculum. They may have a documented hearing loss or deafness in one or both ears, have cochlear implants, wear hearing aids, and/or use FM systems. They are aural/oral communicators (communicate through hearing and speaking).

    Services are provided in the school of attendance during the school day, and average 50-100 minutes per week. Students are seen on an individual basis. Assessment and goals are developed through annual Individual
    Education Programs (IEPs) in collaboration with students, parents and school site personnel.

    Services include:

    • Maximizing general education function through expansion of curricular vocabulary and concepts, improving oral and written language, increasing ability to follow oral and written directions, improving auditory and reading comprehension
    • Developing the student's self-advocacy (understanding and accepting the hearing loss and the impact it has on their lives, asking for accommodations as needed), listening skills (speech reading and auditory discrimination, memory and reasoning) as they relate to progressing in the general education curriculum
    • Collaboration with classroom teachers, special education personnel and outside providers, and parents regarding specific needs related to academics, advocacy, audition, and hearing technology
    • Monitoring the function and use of hearing aids and FM systems at school, and assisting families in connecting with outside audiologist resources
    Providing students and families with information on college programs and scholarships, and career opportunities when appropriate