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Since July 1, 2017, Mary E. Streshly, Ed.D., has been Superintendent  of Sequoia Union High School District; she has over 25 years’ experience in public education.  Located in Silicon Valley, the Sequoia district serves 9,000, ninth through twelfth graders in four, award-winning, comprehensive public high schools, a continuation high school, Middle College (in collaboration with Canada College), East Palo Alto Academy and other specialized programs.  Through its Adult School, the district also serves over 8,000 community members annually.
Dr. Streshly came to SUHSD from Campbell Union High School District (CUHSD) where she was Assistant Superintendent for Educational Services.  Prior to her role at CUHSD, Dr. Streshly held the positions of Principal of Half Moon Bay High School, Assistant Principal of Curriculum and Instruction at Lowell High School in San Francisco Unified and Bilingual Resource Teacher at Sequoia High School.  Prior to coming to the Bay Area, she was a classroom teacher for 14 years in San Marcos Unified School District (in Northern San Diego County) where she was honored as Teacher of the Year. She has received multiple professional and academic awards and continuing education certifications.  Dr. Streshly earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of California, Berkeley, a Masters of Arts from San Diego State University, and a Doctorate from San Francisco State University.
With long-established roots in the Sequoia district community, Dr. Streshly continues to reside with her family on the Peninsula.  She is currently a member of Redwood City 2020 and other leading organizations
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August 2017

Superintendent's Message from August, 2017

Dear District Families, Faculty and Staff:

It is truly an honor to be welcoming you back to school as the new Superintendent of Sequoia Union High School District. Each new school year holds the hope of new and exciting beginnings. Each school year’s opening is like the christening of a new ship. Like sailors and adventurers, we wish for calm seas, wind at our backs and that our ship and crew will carry our passengers safely and proudly toward fantastic horizons. As graduation ceremonies commemorate our proud student successes, the start of a new school year shall celebrate what each and every one of us do in Sequoia to change the lives of the promising youth who step onto our campuses and into our classrooms. I am thrilled to be joining a school system and community that shares a deep commitment to the success of every student. Educating all students is our fundamental purpose — it is why we exist.

To this end, Sequoia’s instructional initiatives continue to include a deep dive into the Common Core, teaching our students how to think, analyze and problem solve . The results of our concerted implementation efforts are yielding strong gains as this year's District Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC) percentile of students meeting or exceeding standards rose in English Language Arts and mathematics. Moreover, I’m happy to report that our phase 2 bond projects are moving forward as scheduled with the exciting openings of new classroom wings at all 4 comprehensive sites. Additionally, we are looking forward to transitioning students to our new Redwood High School campus in the spring of 2018 and anxiously anticipating the grand opening of our newest SUHSD high school, TIDE Academy (Technology, Innovation, Design and Engineering), in the fall of 2019. As I welcome you to a new school year, our District’s guiding principles have been on my mind. They are grounded in Equity, Environment and Teaching and filled with mighty words: challenge, passion, discovery, and intellectual curiosity. Key charges that will drive us this year include:

  • being welcomed, challenged, and supported to take the most rigorous courses possible with consideration for balance and well-being
  • thriving as learners by engaging in experiences driven by intellectual curiosity and discovery;
  • identifying post-graduation aspirations, develop a means to attain them, and be inspired to strive towards these goals in the present

These guiding principles are the essence of Sequoia’s core values as a school district and all of those employed by SUHSD, a workforce of nearly 1000 strong, perform in some way to make this mission a reality. Equally compelling is the fact that the success of all students is dependent on a commitment to each other. This commitment involves engaging regularly with parents, community leaders, business partners, local organizations and our dedicated staff to ensure every student is safe, healthy, engaged, supported, educated, and challenged. As we embark on this journey together, I am going to be working diligently to foster a transparent and collaborative environment for our students, staff members, families and community to build on past successes and propel us forward to new possibilities together.

Achieving a mission so noble means we must give a great deal of ourselves. A mentor of mine when I was a young English teacher talked a lot about Head, Heart and Hustle. She asked each student and staff member to bring their Head to think well, ask thoughtful questions, read to learn, analyze and collaborate with others; their Heart because intellectual power means little without the ability to share compassion and understanding, to look out for others and to be kind; and, their Hustle because life is often challenging and requires perseverance to remain optimistic and determined.

As your new superintendent, the one thing I can assure you with conviction is that I will lead with Head, Heart and Hustle every day. I would ask that you do the same. Nothing less will really do if we are to lift up all kids to achieve their post-graduation aspirations. Remember, stories build relationships and cultural proficiency, so when you see me on campus, in the office or around the community, tell me a story!
—Superintendent Dr. Mary Streshly

October 2017