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Superintendent's Message

A Message from the Superintendent

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June 1, 2019

Dear Community,
It is incredible to believe that we have arrived to the final stretch of the 2018-19 school year.
Many great and memorable accomplishments were celebrated this year. Students were recognized by Congress for their innovative ideas, athletic teams earned championships, and upgraded facilities were unveiled. This year will go down as one that has truly positioned SUHSD for continued long-term success.
Further supporting the fact that we have much to be proud of, as I write this letter, one of our high schools has been selected as a 2018-19 California Honor Roll School.
As we prepare to celebrate graduations and academic promotions, I would like to take this moment to thank you for believing in our students and providing unwavering support to our district. 
The support of the community inspires me as an educator because every action taken has a direct impact on the communities in which our students reside. We are extremely fortunate to have such an extensive support network which allows an extension of the classroom into homes; ensuring that students are mutually embraced and supported by their academic environment.
As our graduating seniors prepare to embark on their college and post-secondary careers, I am confident that they will make our community proud. I also believe that they will demonstrate to the world that our community truly understands the value of investing in students and preparing them to be leaders in colleges and ultimately, the world.
As you take the time to enjoy your summer break, be assured that my team and I will be here preparing to build upon this year’s success so that next year’s milestones can be even greater.
Again, thank you for all of your support and confidence. I look forward to seeing you on the first day of school, August 14th.



Mary E. Streshly

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