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Crisis Communications

Umbrella and Rain
Every summer we encourage you to update your student's contact information. We also ask that you review The Big Five School Emergency Guidelines and the Role of Parents.
The information below is intended to provide you with safety tips in order to assist us with keeping our students safe. To receive up-to-date information, please follow our Facebook and Twitter pages. Additionally, you may visit our district’s website to view timely and updated information. 
What Can Parents Do To Help Keep Students Safe?
  • Make sure your students emergency contact information is up-to-date and comprehensive.
  • Make sure list of adults authorized to pick up your child is up-to-date and that those adults know to always carry their ID with them.
  • Make sure the school has information about any special needs your child may have.
  • Check your students phone/email every morning before they come to school in case there is a problem on campus.
  • Check established communication channels regularly: email, phone, social media, website, hotline.
  • During an emergency, parents should not call the school. It is essential to keep phone lines open so school officials can make outgoing emergency calls. If students are ill or injured, the parents of those students will be notified first.
  • During an emergency, parents should not go to the school. One of the greatest challenges facing school officials and first responders is how to manage an onslaught of parents. Parents might also inadvertently create traffic jams that may block emergency responders from getting to the scene or leaving if necessary to transport injured students or staff to emergency medical facilities.
  • Make sure your student feels encouraged and safe to subscribe to “see something – say something.”
  • Encourage your students to take drills seriously, to listen carefully, and follow directions.