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Important Information

Upon submitting an Open Enrollment Transfer Application, you agree to and understand the following:
  • Open Enrollment Transfers are available only to incoming 9th grade students
  • Open Enrollment Transfers will not be reversed or rescinded once the submission window is closed and the deadline has passed
  • Younger Siblings of current students attending the requested or desired school (residing in the same household) will have priority above other Open Enrollment Transfer Applications. An older student is not eligible to transfer to the school of a younger sibling
  • If an Open Enrollment Transfer is requested, the new school becomes the student’s home school
  • Open Enrollment Transfer requests are made on a space available basis at each school site
  • Late applicants will NOT be added to the wait list.
  • Applications without a completed Address Verification (AV) will be deleted. All Open Enrollment Transfer requests must be accompanied by a complete AV by the time the Open Enrollment window closes.
  • If you apply for an Open Enrollment Transfer and are granted your choice, you are responsible for transportation of your student