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1. How does the district determine which high school my student is assigned to?
 The district determines which high school your student attends based on your home address. Click Boundary Searchto perform search. Address verification must be completed at the district office. See the Address Verification page for further details.
2. What if the school assigned is not my preferred school?
 If you have an incoming 9th grader, please complete the Open Enrollment Transfer Application on this page. Approvals are lottery-based and not guaranteed. This applies to incoming 9th grade students only.
3. Do I have to submit an Open Enrollment transfer if I want my student to attend his/her ASSIGNED home school?
4. Can my student return to his/her originally assigned school if the new school does not work out?
 No. Once the transfer request is approved, you may not rescind or transfer.
5. Does my student qualify for sibling priority if they have a sibling who previously attended the school but has since graduated?
 No. In order to qualify for the sibling priority, the student must have a sibling assigned to the school during the school year requested.
6. Can I appeal if my child does not get into our desired school through Open Enrollment?
 No. There is no appeal process. If your student does not get into your desired school through the Open Enrollment Transfer process, he/she must attend his/her assigned school.