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Address Verification or Change

SUHSD is accepting the digital/electronic submission of the Address Verification form and associated documentation. Please access the Address Verification Packet (below), complete the form, attach required documents, and submit. If you need assistance:
Marlaina Perla,, (650) 369-1411 ext. 22209 
Juan Ramirez,, (650) 369-1411 ext. 22395
Address Verification - English
SUHSD está aceptando el envío digital / electrónico del formulario de Verificación de Domicilio y la documentación asociada. Descargue el paquete de Verificación de Domicilio y complétalo. Si necesita ayuda:
Marlaina Perla,, (650) 369-1411 ext. 22209 
Juan Ramirez,, (650) 369-1411 ext. 22395
Address Verification - EspaƱol
AV Requirements

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More Information

Address Verification: Due April 27

Address Verification for incoming 9th grade students for the next school year opens on November 1 and must be completed by April 27.  All incoming 9th graders (and students new to the district) must complete address verification, for the following reasons:
  • Verify you reside within  Sequoia Union High School District attendance boundaries (Boundary Search)
  • Update your current home address in our records, for communication and emergency purposes
  • Identify your assigned high school based on your home address
For Address Verification assistance, contact: Marlaina PerlaExt. 22209. 
Appropriate documentation must be included with your application:
This link includes: the documentation you must bring to verify your address, location of district office, and hours of address verification. 
More Information:
  • This is a mandatory process required for enrollment of all new students to SUHSD
  • Scanned, emailed, faxed or mailed copies of documents for residency purposes cannot be accepted (note: waived while District Office continues electronic submissions due to the pandemic)
  • If you have no documentation, please contact the district office for assistance.  A home visit may be made to verify residency. Please note that home visits are completed at random and may not be scheduled. An address verification must be on file for every student in the Sequoia Union High School District.
  • Address verification needs to be completed once unless your family moves or circumstances around your residence change. In this case, please submit a Change of Address form as soon as possible
  • If you do not have a California ID, you may bring a passport, out-of-state identification, or any form of ID with a picture and a printed name
  • The district will not accept your address verification prior to you residing in the district. You must have current documentation that you are residing within the district boundaries to attend school in the district

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I file my address verification before I move into the district?
No. You must have documentation that you are living in the district and you must be physically residing at the address you are verifying.  
2. Do incoming 9th grade students need to do address verification if the family has an older sibling already in one of the district schools?
Yes. Address verification must be done for each new student who enters the district.
3. Must I do address verification every year?
No. You only need to complete address verification when your student enters the district. If you move, it is important to complete a Change of Address form so you receive information from the district.
4. If we move within the district, do we have to change schools?
No. If you are still residing within the district, you may choose to remain at your current school or to move to the school that aligns with your new school boundaries. In this case, you must come in and file a Change of Address form and provide documentation of your new address.