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1. Can I file my address verification before I move into the district?
No. You must have documentation that you are living in the district and you must be physically residing at the address you are verifying.  
2. Do incoming 9th grade students need to do address verification if the family has an older sibling already in one of the district schools?
Yes. Address verification must be done for each new student who comes into the district.
3. Can I do address verification by fax or email?
No. Address verification must be done in person.
4. Must I do address verification every year?
No. You only need to it when your student enters the district. If you move, it is important to complete a Change of Address form so you receive information from the district.

5. If we move within the district, do we have to change schools?
No. If you are still residing within the district, you may choose to remain at your current school or to move to the school that aligns with your new school boundaries. In this case, you must come in and file a change of address form and provide documentation of your new address.