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Reporting a Claim/ Injury

Claim Reporting

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When an injury to an employee occurs while working, the injured employee has the right to file a workers’ compensation claim. This is a time sensitive process. The injured employee should report their injury to their supervisor as soon as possible. Once the supervisor is notified, they must provide the claim paperwork to the injured employee within one working day of notification. The completed paperwork must then be submitted to the District Office for submission to the insurer within 2 working days from the initial injury. Notify the District Office as soon as you are made aware of the injury. Be prepared to supply as much information as possible so that the claim may be submitted in a timely manner.


If an injured employee does not wish to file a workers’ compensation claim, the employee should still report their injury to their supervisor and complete an incident report for their work site and the Employee Questionnaire. Sites should also complete a Supervisor's Report for submission to the District Office.


Injured employees should submit ALL completed forms to their work site. The work sites will submit the completed workers’ compensation packet to the District Office.