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What if my child needs a chrome book/WiFi access? Can my student use their own device? 
Students may use their own device. For students who need a device, one will be provided. Hot spots are available as well as wifi access on campus, sponsorship program with Comcast is being provided for students who qualify. 
Visit our Technology Support webpage for information on how to:
  • Submit a request for Technology Support
  • Request a Chromebook and/or Hotspot
  • Access video conferencing support
  • Access CANVAS tutorials
To sign-up for the Free Internet Program, click here.
Can my student work independently on-campus to leverage campus Internet and a quieter place to work?
Confirmation from the State is forthcoming on when we will be able to offer study hubs onsite while we are on the State’s COVID-19 Watchlist. 
Will teacher live sessions be recorded?
Yes, teachers may record live sessions via Zoom. Additionally, teachers may ask students to use their video feature while being sensitive to unique student situations. Teachers may use other means of gauging student presence and engagement for this purpose. Your student’s teacher will notify students if the live sessions are to be recorded; please communicate directly with your student’s teacher if you have any concerns.