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Social-Emotional & Mental Health


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How will students' social and emotional needs be met when their opportunities for in-person interaction are limited?
Each school’s team of administrators, teachers, and staff members are working on creative ways to meet all student needs based upon the school’s schedule. This includes telehealth visits, virtual student groups, online social-emotional curriculum, virtual assemblies, online club meetings, and other ideas. Students will have consistent access (virtual, email, phone, etc.) to all staff that make up the school’s mental health support team, to include Mental Health Specialists, Intervention Counselors, Counselors, School Psychologists, Administrators, etc. 
All school sites have counselors available, for more information, visit our Student Health & Wellness COVID-19 Resource webpage.
As more students are transitioned back to campus for in-person learning, an increase in social and emotional support services will also occur to match. 
What support is available if my student begins to feel isolated or depressed?
Social-Emotional Learning curriculum will be included on Wednesdays in order to support the development of skills and tools to assist students in connecting with their school, community and peers. 
Additionally, each school will have a CARE team that meets regularly to identify students struggling with engagement in their school program. Students that need support in connecting with their schedule, teachers, peers, academics, family, etc. will be provided with support and services for these needs. If your student begins to feel isolated or depressed, please contact your student’s counselor to discuss as soon as possible.
For more information, visit our Student Health & Wellness COVID-19 Resource webpage.