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What will instruction look like in the Sequoia Union High School District this fall? How will it be different from the spring of 2020?
Last spring was NOT distance learning.  It was “crisis” teaching.  We responded in a way that focused on the social-emotional health of students.  We wanted them to feel safe.  This semester we will engage in distance teaching and learning, which will include the following assured elements:
  • Students will receive a class schedule that can be followed while in distance learning or for in-person instruction based on local health data.
  • Students and teachers will follow a consistent bell schedule.
  • Students will receive devices and connectivity so that every child can participate in distance learning.
  • Students will receive daily live interaction with teachers and other students.
  • Students will receive class assignments that are challenging and equivalent to in-person instruction.
  • Schools will provide targeted supports and interventions for English learners and special education students.
  • Students will receive synchronous instruction
How will the District ensure that online education in the fall of 2020 is rigorous across classes/subjects? What will the District do to support and measure teachers?
Staff will communicate common expectations for assigning work, live instruction and providing feedback. Additionally,
  • Teachers will receive support in order to access and use the best technology tools for instruction.
  • Teachers will receive extensive professional development in best practices in distance teaching.Our extensive professional development plan covered:
    • Creating Community:  Building community online
    • Creating Authentic Assessments and Assignments for Blended/Online Instruction, such as authentic & rigorous discussion in online classes, authentic assessments in distance teaching and learning and equitable grading practices
    • Using Equitable Practices: Implicit and Unconscious Bias training; Culturally Responsive Teaching
  • Accountability measures have been put in place. The Governor’s Pandemic Plan for Learning and Safe Schools [SB 98] places into statute the requirement that students will receive class assignments that are challenging and equivalent to in-person instruction. To this end, accountability measures, such as weekly engagement logs and daily attendance are required. SMCOE Summary; Cal Matters Quick Guide
  • Distance Learning Expectations have been developed and set for teachers, and a Student Engagement Plan is underway to monitor progress and student success. 
What will the online structure of the day look like?
Students will follow a daily instructional schedule where they will log onto their class and teachers will take attendance. The format of the daily class experience will vary depending on the content being covered.
Students may work in break-out rooms in small groups, they may have some independent work time, or participate in large group discussions. Students will work on many of the same activities that they have during in-person class periods.
How much do we anticipate to be synchronous learning versus asynchronous/ “on your own” work?
  • Synchronous learning will take place on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays
  • Asynchronous learning will be on Wednesdays
How much instruction time will my student have per week?
Classes include regular synchronous (live) instruction via videoconferencing for a maximum of 140 minutes/week.
Who will receive in-person instruction in the fall of 2020, and what will that look like?
Instruction will be 100% online for the duration of the first quarter [Aug 17-Oct 9th]. The second quarter in-person instruction model will be dependent on the recently enacted state watchlist criteria. 
The new schedule adopted for fall opening displays Wednesdays as teacher training & prep days, will students receive instruction on Wednesdays or will it just be teacher prep?
Yes, students will receive asynchronous learning with live instruction.
Will the same curriculum be covered as in past semesters?
Yes, content is aligned to grade-level standards and is provided at a level of quality and intellectual challenge substantially equivalent to in-person instruction.
Will students have the opportunity to take classes outdoors?
Additional wifi is being installed for better reception for more location flexibility of classes being offered outside.
Can we get all the courses we wanted/signed up for- (ex. APs) - to remain competitive when applying to college?  Will courses have to be eliminated? 
At this time, there is no plan to eliminate courses due to distance learning. At the site’s discretion, they may close sections that are under enrolled.