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Health & Safety


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How/where would there be increased hand washing access when on campus?   
There will be increased access to sinks across campus for hand washing. Classrooms with sinks (that students would not typically have access to) as well as bathrooms will be open for hand washing. Hand sanitizer stations will be placed throughout the campus (inside & out).  
What campus facilities/classroom changes are being made during shutdown in anticipation of return to campus for hybrid model?
  • Hand sanitizing stations installed throughout the inside and outside of buildings/campus. 
  • Signage throughout campus for social distancing. 
  • Increased presence of custodial staff throughout the day to sanitize high touch points. 
  • Increase the air exchange in classrooms and buildings to maximize pulling outside air in and pushing inside air out.
For more information on our health and safety measures, please visit our webpage, by clicking here.