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Fall Back to School Plan


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Why are we starting with distance learning?
Upon the Board’s decision to adopt a slate of schedules aligned with local health orders in June with a hybrid schedule being the target “phase in schedule,” we promised to monitor local health data and update the community on or before August 1. 
Due to the rise in cases across our counties and statewide causing our county to be added to the state’s COVID-19 watch list.
Based on the current health data in conjunction with our evaluation of our current abilities to keep both staff and students safe in classrooms, it has been determined that we will begin the school year in August with students engaged in distance learning for the first quarter of the fall semester.
How long will we stay in Distance Learning?
On September 16, 2020, the Board of Trustees approved staff’s recommendation that the District continue with distance learning for quarter 2 of the Fall semester.
What is informing our plan?
State/CDE guidelines [SB 98] 
  • 4 Tiered Reopening System for California
  • California Distance Learning Standards
  • CA Dept of Public Health: Guidance for Small Cohorts/Groups of Children and Youth
Local health department orders
  • Pandemic Recovery Framework [SMCOE] 
  • Negotiations & Consults 
Site and District team collaboration
If conditions improve, what factors and considerations are involved in determining when and how we return to campus? 
The following guidelines and factors are considered in our decision making:
  • State/CDE guidelines & legislation [SB 98]; CA Distance Learning Standards
  • Local health department orders; Local COVID-19 data
  • San Mateo County Office of Education Pandemic Recovery Framework 
  • State’s 4-tiered Reopening System Califnornia 
  • Staff and family surveys 
  • Board Direction
  • Union Negotiations
How are teachers participating in this process?
Staff participation is facilitated through:
  • Staff surveys
  • Subject Area Committees
  • Union consultations and negotiations
  • Reopening Plan Task Force
What is the best format for parents to give feedback to the District?
Parents can provide feedback on our distance learning plan on our Distance Learning Feedback Form webpage at: