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Assessment & Accountability


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Will students earn letter grades this fall?
Yes, students will receive letter grades for the entire school year.
What will tests and assessments look like in this environment?
Whenever possible, students will be assessed on their learning throughout the semester through more authentic means which includes open-ended questions, projects, presentations, discussion participation, etc.
Will student attendance be tracked?
Yes. Teachers will record student attendance for each class period (virtual and/or in-person) and monitor student engagement starting on the first day of school, Monday, August 17. 
Students are expected to attend all live class sessions and fully participate.  Students that do not fully participate in live class sessions will be referred to the school site intervention teams for supports and services. Parents/guardians should continue to excuse student absences as usual. 
How will the District ensure that the new model supports student success?
  • Teachers are expected to develop an electronic course syllabus, identify learning objectives, establish office hours, provide synchronous learning sessions and blended learning tools that will be used throughout the year, with links to parent and student resources and tutorials.
  • The District is also finalizing a student engagement plan that allows us to monitor student progress and success. We are also creating evaluation metrics that will help us measure the efficacy of our distance learning program.
  • All schools will provide targeted supports and interventions for English learners,  students with Individualized Education Plans (IEPs), and Section 504 Plans.