SUHSD Summer School 2017 will be held at Carlmont, Menlo-Atherton, Sequoia, and Woodside High School campuses.

Session I - Begins Monday, June 19 and ends on Friday, July 7. 

Session II - Begins on Tuesday, July 11 and ends on Friday, July 28.

Special Education Extended School Year
Begins on Wednesday, June 21 and ends on Wednesday, July 19.
School hours are 8:00 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.

Summer School graduation - August 16 @ 5:00 - Carrington Hall on Sequoia High School campus

Graduates will need to arrive at Carrington Hall by 3:30 for rehearsal and to receive a cap and gown. It is very important to be on time.


Summer School Priority Eligibility is as follows:
  • Seniors (grade 12): deficient 5 - 20 credits (Students who successfully complete their courses for graduation will be able to attend an August graduation ceremony)
  • Freshmen (grade 9): with 0 - 20 credits
  • Juniors (grade 11): with 90 - 115 credits
  • Students who have been enrolled in two or more ELL or support classes per semester, preventing them from being on-track for graduation.
  • Sophomores (grade 10): with 20 - 60 credits

If you have questions about your child's summer school status, please contact their guidance counselor at their school site.

Attendance & Behavior

It is important that any student enrolled in summer school attend regularly and on time. During the school year a student must complete 60 hours of in-class time to receive credit. In summer school, students are trying to earn enough seat time to earn credit, meaning that attendance is extremely important.

  • Attendance is taken every hour in summer school.
  • 2 tardies = 1 absent
  • If a student is 30 minutes late for a class period, it is marked as an absence.
  • Students may not exceed 10 total hours of absences. (1 day of summer school = 5 hours of class.)
  • Any student missing 2 days of summer school will be dropped. A guardian will be called and informed of the student being dropped from summer school.


Each student must sign a Behavior Expectations Policy at the beginning of summer school. Students will be dismissed from summer school for repeated disruptive behavior. This may include, but not limited to:

  • cell phone use or ipods in the classroom
  • being tardy to class
  • wandering outside of classroom during class time
  • dressing inappropriately
  • failing to follow normal classroom procedures
  • disrupting the learning environment in any way.

Major infractions for immediate dismissal and possible further consequences:

  • fighting or attempting to cause harm to another
  • possessing, using or attempting to sell drugs, alcohol, or any illegal substance
  • possessing a weapon
  • engaging in habitual profanity
  • bullying or threatening another student,
  • defying a valid school authority

Boys' & Girls' Club

Below are links to videos that provide an idea of what types of activites are included during the summer program at the Boys' & Girls' Club.

There are a wide-range of activities that are condcted by a group of professional staff who enjoy working with young people. Some of these include:
  • Classes in cooking, music, media, sports, bikes, arts and more
  • Engaging career exposure opportunities
  • Safe, positive space for teenagers only
  • Field trips, college visits and camping trips
  • Free lunch and dinner
  • Free transportation provided to/from the clubhouse from SUHSD summer school