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Below is the contact information for the summer school principals. Phone extensions for summer school have not yet been set up. Please use the email address below for any communications.

Summer School is two sessions. Some schools have a different principal for each session. Please be aware of which principal you are looking to make contact with according to the appropriate session.

Click the name to send an email message:
Session 1:  Tina Smith
Session 2: Gigi Kruse-Silva
Carlmont High School, Summer School Principals

Session 1: Stephen Ready 
Session 2: Shaheen Mohammed 
Menlo-Atherton High School, Summer School Principals

Session 1: Nick Muys 
Session 2: Lisa Gleaton
Sequoia High School, Summer School Principals

Jose Campos
Woodside High School, Summer School Principal
Jeffrey Watkins
Redwood High School, Summer School Principal
Sequoia Union High School District, Summer School Secretary 

Summer Programs for Current StudentsTop of Page

Summer Programs for Incoming 9th GradersTop of Page

Please note: The programs listed for each school site are for students who will be attending that high school in the fall, and are subject to change. The information below is in draft format.

EligibilityTop of Page

Summer School Priority Eligibility continues to be:
  • Seniors (grade 12): deficient 5 - 20 credits
    • Students who successfully complete their courses for graduation will be able to attend an August graduation ceremony
  • Freshmen (grade 9): with 0 - 20 credits
  • Juniors (grade 11): with 90 - 115 credits
  • Students who have been enrolled in two or more ELL or support classes per semester, preventing them from being on-track for graduation.
  • Sophomores (grade 10): with 20 - 60 credits

If you have questions about your child's summer school status, please contact their guidance counselor at their school site.

Summer School Online Credit Recovery Program Top of Page

Teachers:      Julio Calles and Jonda Farris  
Location: Sequoia High School
Room: 246
Times: 10:00a - 3:30p
Days: Monday - Friday
Sessions: Both I & II
Note: students must bring a completed application, signed by their counselor with a copy of their transcript to the lab for a required orientation and to have their course programmed.
Please contact teachers with questions (contact information above)

Attendance & BehaviorTop of Page

It is important that any student enrolled in summer school attend regularly and on time. During the school year a student must complete 60 hours of in-class time to receive credit. In summer school, students are trying to earn enough seat time to earn credit, meaning that attendance is extremely important.

  • Attendance is taken every hour in summer school.
  • 2 tardies = 1 absent
  • If a student is 30 minutes late for a class period, it is marked as an absence.
  • Students may not exceed 10 total hours of absences. (1 day of summer school = 5 hours of class.)
  • Any student missing 2 days of summer school will be dropped. A guardian will be called and informed of the student being dropped from summer school.


Each student must sign a Behavior Expectations Policy at the beginning of summer school. Students will be dismissed from summer school for repeated disruptive behavior. This may include, but not limited to:

  • cell phone use or ipods in the classroom
  • being tardy to class
  • wandering outside of classroom during class time
  • dressing inappropriately
  • failing to follow normal classroom procedures
  • disrupting the learning environment in any way.

Major infractions for immediate dismissal and possible further consequences:

  • fighting or attempting to cause harm to another
  • possessing, using or attempting to sell drugs, alcohol, or any illegal substance
  • possessing a weapon
  • engaging in habitual profanity
  • bullying or threatening another student,
  • defying a valid school authority

Transportation: Bus Schedules for Summer School Top of Page

Bus Schedules - 2018 info coming soon!

Boys' & Girls' ClubTop of Page

The information below is in draft format.
This year, we will be holding two separate teen centers, one for just freshman at The Forest Teen Center in Redwood City, and another for the 10th-12th graders at the East Palo Alto clubhouse. 
Below are links to videos that provide an idea of what types of activities are included during the summer program at the Boys' & Girls' Club.

There are a wide-range of activities that are conducted by a group of professional staff who enjoy working with young people. Some of these include:
  • Classes in cooking, music, media, sports, bikes, arts and more
  • Engaging career exposure opportunities at Linked In, Google, Facebook, and more...
  • Safe, positive space for teenagers only
  • Field trips to Great America, Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, and Six Flags Magic Mountain 
  • Free lunch and dinner
  • Free transportation provided from Compass to the clubhouse and return transportation back to your community.