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Phone: 650.369.1411

Fax: 650.306.1769

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Toups, Debbie
Director of Special Education
Ext. 22538 

Nelson, Sandy
Admin. Secretary
Ext. 22242 

Lauese, Kathy
Student Information Systems Specialist
Ext. 22244 

Rivera, Natasha
Office Assistant
Ext. 22206 

Roberts, Jennifer
Program Specialist

Chandler, Clare
Program Specialist
Ext. 22207 

Bachechi, Brenda
Sped Coordinator
Ext. 22401 

McLeod, Lauren
Transition Specialist
Ext. 22204 

Bennett, Edith
Ext. 22376 

Veatch, Christina

Glatzel, Katie
Workability Placement Specialist
Ext. 22362 

Oytas, Gail
Vocational Transition Specialist
Ext. 22373 

Osinski, Janet
Vocational Transition Specialist
Ext. 22589 

Yeater, Phil
Vocational Transition Specialist
Ext. 22541 

Ahonen, Judi
Deaf/Hard Hearing Specialist
Ext. 22370 

Willis, James
Speech/ Language Specialist

Phoenix, Mary
Speech and Language
Ext. 22620 

Favro, Marie
OI Specialist
Ext. 22667 

Bell, Jim
Adapted Physcial Education
Ext. 22205 

Bajornas, Erin