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Q: Whom may I contact for more information on a job posting?

A: The hiring is done at each school site; for more information, please contact the school or program to whom you are applying. A contact person should be listed on the EdJoin job posting.

Q: What is the deadline for filing units for salary reclassification?

A: Units can be turned in at any time prior to February 1st of the school year. Reclassification starts the first of the month following the filing of transcripts. Employees requesting reclassification to start at the beginning of the school year must file a "statement of intent" form with personnel office on the last business day of April and must submit all transcripts by October 15.

Q: What is TIPS?

A: TIPS (teacher induction program) offers first and second year teachers individualized support to help with the transition from Teach Preparation Programs to full time teaching. Through this two-year program teachers with a preliminary credential have the opportunity to obtain a clear credential. Teachers work with an advisor on formative assessment activities including goal-setting, collecting evidence, and measuring practice against standards. Teachers also attend professional development that addresses issues such as EL strategies, classroom management, and technology. Teachers with a clear credential may also participate in the program and receive support through the first two years of teaching.

Q: How do I report absences?

A: All certificated employees must report absences through Aesop. You can access Aesop through the Internet at www.aesoponline.com or 1-800-942-3767.

Q: I don't remember my log in and pin for Aesop, what do I do?

A: If you are having problems with you log in and pin, please contact Katrina Grant at (650) 369-1411 x22225.

Q: How do I make changes to my work year calendar (administrator)?

A: Each administrator must submit a work calendar to Human Resources. Changes to work year calendars must be resubmitted to HR. This can be done by changing the original calendar or submitting a new calendar.

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Q: Why do employees need to be fingerprinted before they start work?

A: All employees must have a Department of Justice check using the LiveScan method to ensure the safety of students and all employees as prescribed by law.

Q: What is the LiveScan process?

A: LiveScan is the name used for what was previously known as fingerprinting. All new employees need to have a LiveScan. Volunteers (including coaches) at a level II/III must be fingerprinted. All volunteers at a level I will undergo a Megan's Law check.

Q: I already did the LiveScan with a different district; do I still need to get fingerprinted?

A: Yes, we don't share our fingerprinting results with any outside agency or accept results from other places. You only need to get fingerprinted once; we do cover the cost of the LiveScan.

Q: When can an employee start working?

A: An employee may start working only when his/her LiveScan has been cleared. You will be contacted by a member of the Human Resources staff once you have been cleared.

Q: How do I sign up to be a volunteer?

A: Contact the school for which you wish to volunteer and they will let you know what volunteer opportunities exist. If you wish to be a volunteer coach, you will need to contact the school's Athletic Director.

Q: How do I report my absences?

A: All classified employees must fill out an electronic absence certificate.

Q: How many sick days/vacation days have I accrued?

A: Each month your paycheck has the most up-to-date record of your accrued sick and vacation days. It is listed on your check under 'leaves' in the upper left hand corner of your pay check in hours. If you need help reading your check, view the link below.

Q: When do employees move to the next step of the salary schedule?

A: A classified/probationary employee will move to the next step of the salary schedule after completion and successfully passing the six months probationary period. From this time/month on, the employee will advance to the next step every year until the top step (step 5) has been reached, provided that he/she has a satisfactory evaluation.

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Q: How do I handle a Worker's Compensation claim (certificated/classified)?

a) The Worker's Comp packet should be given to the injured employee by the site administrator.
b) The employee must complete the forms and return them to the site administrator for signature.
c) The site administrator completes and signs the employer's report.
d) Turn in competed paperwork to the Human Resources Department at the District Office.

Q: Are there any tax deferred plans in the District?

A: Yes, the District offers Section 125 plans to all employees. Section 125 plans also offer dependent care coverage, medicare reimbursements, life insurance, etc.

Q: How do employees enroll in or change health plans?

A: New hires enroll at the time of employment. All changes must be requested during the open enrollment period which is the month of September through mid October for a January 1st effective date.

Q: What are benefit deadlines when there is a life "status" change?

A: New spouse/newborn

  • Must enroll within 30 days of the event date for medical, dental and vision.
  • Effective the 1st of the following month.

Dependents are removed automatically by:

  • The dental system by the end of the month the child turns 19 years old, or 24 years old with full time student proof.
  • The medical system by the end of the month the child turns 26 years old.

What is a dependent?

  • Legally married husband or wife
  • Domestic partner
  • Unmarried children under the age of 23 (medical)

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Q: How do I request a Personal Necessity Leave (certificated/classified)?

A: Please access the Personal Necessity Leave Request Form from the Human Resources page on this website, complete, and turn in to the Principal's administrative assistant for processing.

Q: How many Personal Necessity days do I get each year?

A: Employees get 7 days of Personal Necessity which gets deducted from each employee's sick leave total. Personal Necessity does not roll over to the next school year, unlike sick days.

Q: Whom do I contact for Verification of Employment?

A: For Verification of Employment (VOE) please contact April Hoch x22224 in the Human Resources Department. If you are substitute, please contact Katrina Grant x22225.

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How do I apply for certificated and classified positions with the Sequoia Union High School District?
Individuals may apply for positions through EdJoin. We do not accept paper applications. Please submit your application and all attachments through EdJoin.

What days do I get off as a certificated staff member?
**Certificated and classified staff do not have the same work calendar. Please be sure to reference the correct calendar.

What information might I find on my paycheck?
Sick leave and vacation leave totals are listed in hours. All earnings, employee deductions, and employer contributions are also listed. If you have questions regarding your paycheck, please contact the Accounting Department directly.

How do I renew my credential?
The online renewal for clear and professional credentials requires access to the internet and payment via debit or credit card. Please send payment confirmation and a printed copy of your credential to the Human Resources Department. Attention: April Hoch

How do I know if I am Highly Qualified?
Teachers must be deemed highly qualified in every core academic subject that they teach. You may find different pathways to Highly Qualified Teacher Status under NCLB.

How do I obtain an EL/CTEL Authorization?
The State of California requires that all English Learners (ELs) must be taught by certificated teachers with the appropriate English Learner (EL) authorization or by a teacher currently participating in an approved training program.

Where can I find more information on EL?
The Commission on Teacher Credentialing has more information on how to obtain an EL authorization.

Where can I find CTEL test information?
This link provides more information about registering for the CTEL and other helpful resources such as study guides.