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Class - ABE/ESL Program Associate - Bilingual
Class - Account Clerk I/II
Class - Accountant - Auditor
Class - Accounting Technician
Class - Adult School GED Technician
Class - Assistant Project Manager
Class - Attendance Clerk I/II
Class - Bilingual Instructional Associate I/II
Class - Bilingual Site Parent Liaison
Class - Buyer
Class - CAL-SAFE Program Leader
Class - Campus Security Aide I/II
Class - Career Guidance Associate
Class - Chief Facilities Officer
Class - Controller
Class - Coordinator of Sequoia Teen Resource Center
Class - Custodian
Class - Data Processing Clerk
Class - Director, Adult and Community Education
Class - Director Food Services
Class - Director of Facilities
Class - Director Purchasing
Class - Director Transportation
Class - District Accountant
Class - District Parent Coordinator
Class - District Receptionist/ Residency Verification Clerk
Class - District Resource/Administrative/Sr. Administrative
Class - Food Service Cashier
Class - Food Service Cook Lead
Class - Food Service Lead
Class - Food Service Warehouse Delivery Worker I/II
Class - Food Service Worker I
Class - Food Service Worker II
Class - Grounds Graffiti Clean Up Worker Custodian
Class - Grounds Maintenance Supervisor
Class - Grounds Worker II
Class - Grounds Worker Lead
Class - Guidance Information Specialist
Class - Health Aide I/II
Class - Inclusion Aide SCIA
Class - Instructional Associate I/II
Class - Lead Custodian
Class - Lead Maintenance Carpenter
Class - Lead Maintenance Electrician
Class - Lead Maintenance Plumber
Class - Lead Plant Manager
Class - Lead Reprographics Technician
Class - Lead Vehicle Mechanic
Class - Library Assistant I/II
Class - Maintenance Carpenter
Class - Maintenance Electrician
Class - Maintenance Painter
Class - Maintenance Plumber
Class - Maintenance Supervisor
Class - Manager Data and Voice Network Service
Class - Manager of Social Services EPAA
Class - Mental Health Services Caseworker
Class - Office Assistant
Class - Parent Center Coordinator
Class - Payroll Technician I/II
Class - Plant Manager
Class - Production Food Service Lead
Class - Programming, Web and Server Services Manager
Class - Project Manager
Class - Reprographics Technician I/II
Class - School Bus Driver
Class - School Maintenance and Operations Worker
Class - School Secretary
Class - Secretary
Class - Secretary Admin Sr. Resource
Class - Secretary District Resource
Class - Senior Office Assistant
Class - Sequoia Parent Center Coordinator
Class - Service Mechanic
Class - Site Technology Manager
Class - Special Education Transportation Attendant
Class - Student Information Systems Specialist
Class - Substitute Teacher Staffing Technician
Class - Technology and Information Services Support
Class - Technology Maintenance Information Services Specialist
Class - Technology Support Assistant
Class - Theater Manager
Class - Translator/Assessor
Class - Transportation Dispatcher
Class - Transportation Supervisor
Class - Treasurer/School Financial Officer
Class - Tutor
Class - Vehicle Mechanic
Class - Warehouse Delivery Worker
Class - Warehouse Supervisor
Class - Wellness Coordinator
Class - Workability Job Coach