The Educational Services Department works with district and site personnel to support curriculum, instruction and assessment and to navigate national, state and local educational initiatives. Teacher professional development, Common Core Implementation and academic access are within our realm of responsibility, and we work to provide staff with services, data, information, resources and support to meet the educational needs of all students.

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Bonnie Hansen, Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services

Bonnie graduated from Westmont College with a B.A. in English, received her Secondary Teaching Credential from UC-Davis and her MA in Educational Administration from UC- Berkeley. She began teaching English at Menlo-Atherton High School and taught there until 2002 when she became a district Resource teacher and New Teacher Advisor. In 2004 Bonnie moved to Sequoia High School to become the Instructional Vice-Principal for five years before becoming the Principal of Sequoia from 2009 until recently when she was appointed as the Assistant Superintendent of Ed Services.

Educational Services StaffTop of Page

Kristin Stout, Director of Professional Development & Curriculum

Brandon Lee, Director of Research & Assessment

Deborah Toups, Director of Special Education

Isabel Cervantes-Falk, Coordinator of English Learners (EL) & Special Programs/AVID

Robert Fishtrom, Director of Instructional Technology

Allison Hyde, Instructional Coach

Debolina Dutta, Instructional Coach

Alissa Talesnick, Instructional Coach

Catherine Wachtler, TIPS Advisor

Joseph Ezrati, TIPS Advisor

Liane Strub, PAR Coach

Jim Karditzas, Common Core Math Lead

Classified Staff

Special Education Department

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Hansen, Bonnie
Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services
Ext. 22323 

Lauese, Laura
Senior Administrative Secretary to Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services
Ext. 22324 

Stout, Kristin
Director of Professional Development
Ext. 22542 

Tomasino, Jennie
Administrative Secretary to Director of Professional Development
Ext. 22543 

Hyde, Allison
Instructional Coach
Ext. 22549 

Strub, Liane
PAR Coach

Talesnick, Alissa
Reading Coach
Ext. 22310 

Karditzas, Jim
Common Core Math Lead
Ext. 22510 

Dutta, Debolina
Instructional Coach
Ext. 22569 

Ezrati, Joseph
TIPS Advisor
Ext. 49646 

Wachtler, Catherine
TIPS Advisor
Ext. 49613 

Stein, Greg
CTE Industry Outreach Specialist
CTE Resource Teacher
Ext. 22328

Lee, Brandon
Director of Research and Assessment
Ext. 22546 

Moncada, Allison
Administrative Secretary to Director of Research and Assessment
Ext. 22547 

Cervantes-Falk, Isabel
Director of English Learners (EL) & Special Programs/AVID
Ext. 22548 

DeKom, Donna
Administrative Secretary to Director of EL and Special Programs/AVID
Ext. 22578 

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Abarca, Teresa
Migrant Ed Data
Ext. 22398 

Avelar, Maria
Ext. 22326 

Toups, Debbie
Director of Special Education
Ext. 22538 

Nelson, Sandy
Administrative Secretary to Director of Special Education
Ext. 22242 

Alvarado, Frankie
Coordinator of Special Education
Ext. 22401 

Lauese, Kathy
Student Information System Specialist, Special Education
Ext. 22244 

Hannah Freitas
Office Assistant, Special Education
Ext. 22206 

Ahonen, Judi
Hearing Impaired Specialist
Ext. 22370 

Bell, Jim
Adaptive Physical Education (A.P.E.)
Ext. 22205 

Bennett, Edith
Ext. 22376 

Chandler, Clare
Program Specialist, Special Education
Ext. 22207 

Osinski, Janet
Transition Specialist
Ext. 22589 

Oytas, Gail
Transition Specialist
Ext. 22373 

Glatzel, Katie
Workability Specialist
Ext. 22362 

McLeod, Lauren
Transition Specialist
Ext. 22204 

Favro, Marie
Orthopedic Impaired Specialist
Ext. 22667 

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Work PermitsTop of Page

Student work permits are only done at the District Office during weeks when the school sites are closed. This year the dates for District Office Work Permits are June 9 thru August 30, 2016. Please print the work permit request below and bring to the District Office between 8AM and 4:00PM.
  • Work Permit Request
    All work permit request forms need to be signed by the parent and employer. Students need to return their request in person in order to receive their work permit.

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