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Independent Study is an educational option available to students in the Sequoia Union High School District who may require an alternative setting to the traditional high school.

Independent Study students meet with the Independent Study teacher for approximately one hour each week to receive and review assignments. The curriculum is aligned to district and state standards. Students who are successful in Independent Study School are self-motivated and willing to work with minimal supervision in order to complete the coursework independently.

Referrals to SUHS Independent Study School are made through the Child Welfare and Attendance Advisor and the Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services at the District Office.

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Students who meet one or more of the criteria below may qualify for an Independent Study placement.

  • Students who are capable of an independent program while pursuing a full time outside-of-school obligation;
  • Students coming to SUHS District from a similar alternative school placement, who are in need of a smaller, more individualized educational setting, but able to work efficiently and independently;
  • Students who need an alternative placement due to specific emotional or health related issues and who are able to complete work and make academic progress independently. Such students do not need instruction focused on acquiring appropriate social skills, which requires exposure to a structured classroom environment. 

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If you would like to discuss SUHSD educational options, please contact the Welfare and Attendance Advisor, Mr. Hector Serrano via email by completing the form below. He can be reached by telephone at (650) 369-1411 x 22243
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Dress, Tina
(650) 369-1411
Ext. 22928 
Location: 480 James Avenue, Redwood City. 

Dunn, Mary
(650) 381-3523
Location: Cañada College 
(650) 369-1411
Ext. 22930
Location: East Palo Alto
(650) 369-1411
Ext. 77950
Location: SUHSD Adult School 

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